Getting to Know Your Analytics


Google Analytics is a free online analytics tool that provides statistics and basic tools for SEO and marketing purposes. And it’s pretty darn cool.

It allows you to assess which marketing ventures are most effective by measuring a whole range of activities such as; where visitors to your site are coming from and what they do while they’re on your site to which keywords are most relevant to potential customers.

Is there a reason why conversions or engagement are low?

One of the key uses of Google Analytics is that it allows you to investigate where people are leaving your site or which pages retain visitors the longest. This allows you to evaluate and improve the performance of your landing pages, boosting visitor retention and increasing conversion opportunities.

For example, if you have a high bounce rate, your landing page may not be meeting the expectation set out by your ad text. Thus it is imperative to ensure that the destination URL of your landing page matches your ad text i.e. if your ad mentions bike equipment, then match it to a landing page for biker equipment and not a more general or unrelated page. Alternatively, a high bounce rate could be as a result of your page lacking engaging content with a clear navigation path.

So, to conclude ALWAYS be aware of;

  • Traffic sources
  • Entry / Exit Points
  • Engagement – Time on Site, Pages Visited


The below video, eh hem, highlights the importance of continuously monitoring and evaluating the user journey on your website;


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