Whisper sweet paid search terms in my ear

You had me at..

When paired with Owned and Earned Media, Paid Media provides visibility and awareness and can act as a ‘catalyst’ to drive engagement at key moments within a campaign. In Ireland, Paid Search currently accounts for 44% of online ad spend. Approximately 5-8% of all search clicks are through paid search ads, a siginificant volume in real terms. Significantly, Google dominates with a 90% plus share of all searches.

Using Google Adwords taps into an active audience who are actively seeking information and are already in the mindset for your offering.

How it Works…

Google search 2

When entering a search, on the left hand side of the page appears the organic results (this is down to search engine optimisation & takes time) whereby sites relevant to your search query appear. On the right hand side and top of the page however, appear the sponsored links, in other words your Google Ads. You choose when & where your ad appears and ensure that your ad appears in a search related to your business or campaign.

You have complete control over every financial aspect of your campaign. How high up you appear on the list depends on how much you pay, but also by how relevant your ad is to the search query. So, the more targeted your ad and list of keywords, the less money you will need to spend to ensure your ad appears.

The advantages of Adwords, is that you only pay for your ad’s placement when people click on it. You can also make changes to your ads whenever you want and can choose to turn campaigns on and off at any time. Since the price you pay per click is based on an auction, you may have visitors to your site for a very little amount per click. Additionally, there is no minimum spend and you have complete control over how your budget is used.

The Metrics of it all…

Paid search is highly measureable and can offer some key insights into how successful your campaign is such as;

  • The cost of traffic to your website (cost per click)
  • What the campaign delivered (total conversions)
  • Efficiency of the campaign/ ROI (cost per conversion)
  • How effective the campaign is (conversion rate)

There are limitations to paid search however;

  • You can only reach a finite audience
  • You can only display your ad to those actively seeking a particular product or search term
  • There are a finite number of searches you can buy
  • Little space- difficult to offer them a compelling message

Importantly, this type of advertising cannot work in isolation so it is imperative that it is an integrated part of your overall campaign.


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